Christianity includes physical healing

A case can be made that human physicians do not have the ability to cure any of us.  Instead, physicians diagnose ailments, cut (surgery), burn (radiation therapy), and prescribe drugs, including chemotherapy. At best, the drugs attack pathogens or stimulate our bodies’ own curative abilities. Physicians also offer advice, but none of what they do is inherently curative. Successful medical treatments, even via alternative medical approaches, rely on our bodies’ natural recuperative powers and/or on supernatural intervention. Both the natural recuperative powers and supernatural intervention are provided by our Creator.  He knows how to fix those whom He made.

Speaking of our Creator, do you know that there are seven texts in the New Testament that identify the Creator as Jesus, the same Jesus who heals today? You can find those seven texts in the books of John, Colossians, Hebrews and Revelation.

We believe that the physical healing aspects of Christianity are more effective than all medical therapies. Relying on Jesus as Healer does not mean ignoring medical diagnoses and appropriate treatments. However, many if not most individuals who call themselves Christians do not believe and consistently apply the divine healing elements of Biblical Christianity. Sometimes that is because they are not aware that Christianity includes physical healing. In other cases, the divine healing of Biblical Christianity is ignored because of the following reasons, among others: 
  • Confidence in various medical approaches
  • Separation of secular and “religious” subjects
  • Lack of understanding of Old/New Testament connections between Jesus and physical healing today
  • Poor knowledge of church history
  • Conflicting theological convictions, especially dispensationalism
  • Religious traditions
  • Reliance on opinions of others
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