What others are saying

“Marcia Daniels writes from personal experience about the availability of God’s healing power. Find out how to access this power and how to increase in wisdom and knowledge about healing by reading this book.”
--Dr. David D. Duell, Founder of Faith Ministries Church International, Faith Ministries International Network, and Dave Duell Ministries

“The jury is in! Healing was purchased by Jesus for every believer.  It’s available to you and me. Jesus Heals Today and Marcia Daniels show us how.”
--Rev. Joseph Barlow, Senior Pastor, Family Life Christian Center, Wheaton, Illinois

“A thorough manual of biblical divine healing. I highly recommend this book to anyone needing healing or wanting to minister healing to others.”
--Rev. Roger Flanagan, Jesus Today Ministries

“If you have an interest in the subject of healing, I have found this book to be the very best I’ve read on the subject. Her language is accessible, her faith is proven, her theology is sound and there’s lots of word studies plus historical excerpts from early church fathers on the subject of healing. She doesn’t write with the kind of hype that seems to accompany such books, because there’s so much substance in her writing you almost find that she’s attempting to pace you through it and to make sure you really get what God is wanting to say to us.”
--Rudy Tan, Elder; Runnymede Christian Fellowship, Runnymede, England
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